Hawkstone Pharmacy regularly prepares dental compounds for a large number of Edmonton area dentists. Contact us about how we can help with your dental compounding.

Many children and adults experience anxiety and apprehension about visiting the dentist. To help with this, pharmacists have been playing an increasing role in dentistry in recent years in the field of compounding pharmacy.

What is Compounding Pharmacy?

At one time, almost all medications were custom-made and individualized through combining raw ingredients. In fact, pharmacists are still called chemists in many parts of the world. Today, commercial manufacturers provide most medications to pharmacies, and regulatory bodies have enacted standardization policies for most medications.

While many of the bigger players in the pharmacy business do not provide this level of customized service, a number of pharmacies still do. Hawkstone is proud to be among the best-known compounding pharmacies in the Edmonton area.

Compounding and Dentistry

As a parent, nothing can be more frustrating than having a sick child who refuses medication based on taste. Through compounding, we can adjust the flavour of medication to make it easier for your child to accept.

Anxiety about visiting the dentist? Dental injections in the gums and mouths are a common fear that keeps people away from dentist chairs. In these cases, our pharmacists can alter the delivery of dental medication. Custom topical anesthetics or other creative solutions, such as lollipops, are examples of how we can find less daunting ways to alleviate the pain .

Our compounding pharmacists work closely with a number of Edmonton-based dental practices to provide custom services that help alleviate the stress and anxiety of dentist visits.