Getting pets to take their medicine can be arduous.  Veterinary compounding can help make the flavour of medication something your pet enjoys or tolerates.  We also provide our compounding services to a wide array of veterinarians in the Edmonton region.

Pet owners know that getting your pets to take their medication sometimes can be a tall task. Cats are famous for refusing to swallow pills, and some dogs are clever enough to eat around pills encased in their food. The other big issue for a variety of animal sizes can be determining the correct dose. Many medications today are standardized while the sizes of dogs are not: how much medicine should a Great Dane need compared to a Chihuahua? These are some of the challenges that veterinary compounding can solve, and Hawkstone’s compounding pharmacists are experienced helping pet owners and veterinary practises in Edmonton with their compounding needs.

At one point in time, almost all medications were custom made and individualized through combining raw ingredients. Many of the bigger players in the Pharmacy business do not or cannot provide this level of customized service, but a number of smaller pharmacies in the Edmonton area still do. Whether it’s for pets or human’s, Hawkstone has become one of the best known compounding pharmacies in the city by providing customized care tailored to individual needs.