Our License Information

The Alberta College of Pharmacists require that all pharmacies publish their license to practise on their website.  Please find our information here.


Diabetes Educator

Diabetes can affect all aspects of a person’s every day life. Hawkstone has a diabetic educator on staff to understand the symptoms and solutions for diabetes, and to help diabetics successfully manage their day-to-day insulin levels and health.


Download Our Flyer

Our quarterly flyer contains deals and offers on home health care equipment and supplies. Click here to download the latest flyers.


Blood Pressure Tracking

Blood pressure is an important indicator for the risk of stroke and heart disease. Maintaining a healthy heart can add years to your life.


Travel Vaccinations

  Going on a vacation? Don’t forget your travel vaccinations. These and regular immunizations, such as flu shots, are part of our every day services. Stop by to discuss your travel plans and ensure your immunizations are up-to-date.


Medication Review

If you are taking multiple medications regularly, this service is all about you.


Flu Shots

Flu shots are an added defense when the flu season strikes over the winter months. Typically, we offer flu shot clinics starting in October, and will post clinic dates here in September.


Patient Services

Please contact us to learn more about the wide range of patient services we offer.  Medication reviews, injections and travel vaccinations, and in-store home health care clinics are a few of the services we are pleased to offer our clients.